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Story Seekers™ Workshops


Upcoming in 2017

The next upcoming public workshop is planned for October 2-4 in Minneapolis, MN (more info coming soon).

We typically limit attendees from one company in a open workshop to eight.

2017 price for open workshops $2000 per person.


Most customer-facing departments spend very little time training and coaching their teams in emotional connection and listening skills – even though recent brain science and research shows that emotions are the basis for all decision-making. No exception. (We all have real life stories to tell where the best “solution” did not win the deal.

We help people learn the skills of connective listening and the power of story. When these skills are applied well, emotional connection and trust are the result. With these results as a prerequisite, you can influence people to do difficult things that need to be done.


Participants will discover how to connect with, influence and inspire change in others. The methodology is a research-based framework that harnesses the power of the underused and underdeveloped communication methods: storytelling and story “tending”.

Who are these for?

  • Salespeople – building speed of trust to increase their ability to influence customers & prospects.
  • CSOs & Sales Managers – learn a framework for coaching the 87% of your reps who do not intuitively connect and build trust.
  • Leaders – learn to lead without having to pull out your “authority” card.
  • CMOs – learn to tell your stories in the voice of your customer.


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