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Real Estate Broker

“I attended his seminar on Story Seekers last month and it has changed the way I do business!  I had always been a “listener”, but now with Mike’s seminar, I have a framework to help draw out my client’s story and truly try and understand (without thinking about my own thoughts or hopes!) and focus on them!  I also have answers to the questions that people always ask me such as “Your in real estate?”  or “How did you get into real estate?” or “What’s going on with the market?


“During and after Mike’s seminar, I developed stories (with his framework) to answer these questions and now, I don’t flinch when people ask me these questions!  I came up with 30, 60 and 90 sec versions.  Honestly, the best part for me was the story seeking part where I learned to hone my skills as a story seeker and it has been truly an awesome addition to my business and my personal life!


“I hope you attend the seminar!  It was truly moving!”


– Stacy