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IP Attorney

“I first met Mike 25 years ago when he needed some professional business advice for what was then a relatively new business, and we’ve worked together every since, so I’m happy to share a few thoughts.

“If you’ve seen the recent “Lincoln” movie or read any biographies about him, you probably know that one of his legendary strengths was his ability to tell engaging stories that made it easier for him to persuade people to consider his beliefs and positions. Flash-forward to modern times and think about the movies that have affected you and stayed with you over the years; they probably all have in common the ability to tell a great story well.  Apparently there is something about a good story told well that opens people up to listening.  Mike has studied the brain science behind this phenomenon and has cross-matched it with the ability of successful salespeople to naturally communicate with their prospects to figure out how we can all communicate better by learning to tell better stories about who we are and who we work for/with, as well as how to engage the person on the other side to tell us their stories. Committing to a 2+ day program originally seemed like a pretty high hurdle to overcome, but it was intriguing, stimulating and entertaining; plus it went fast and was in the final analysis very worthwhile.  Even after almost 35 years in business, I learned quite a few new tools that I have been able to immediately put to use. ”


Dave  (IP attorney)