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Director of Sales

As the Director of Dealer Sales at AMSOIL INC, I can tell you that my experience with Story Seekers has been absolutely eye-opening from a number of perspectives. Allow me to tell my short story.

I have been in sales for over 25 years. I started employment at AMSOIL as a regional sales manager for the Southwestern US and was promoted to Director of Dealer Sales in September of 2008. My main role and objective is to help AMSOIL Dealers grow their business by providing sales tools, motivation, inspiration and general sales advice. I have never had much of a problem engaging in conversation with people that I don’t know, and like many others in sales, it was attributed to my “gift of gab.” But there were some problems when it came to connecting with many AMSOIL Dealers. Dealers didn’t trust me right away. AMSOIL Dealers are independent, self-employed people who wondered many things about my position within AMSOIL and were leery of me and my objectives when providing them with advice. In the beginning of my tenure at AMSOIL, Dealers didn’t want to believe that I was there to simply help them grow their business and therefore the trust factor was very low. One of the actions I took to change this was to attend a Story Seekers workshop. From this point, I convinced AMSOIL INC to bring Mike Bosworth in for a private 2 1/2 day workshop that involved over 20 co-workers. This workshop really made me aware and confirmed some things that I had done as a salesperson, but the challenge was that I had done them unconsciously. I have always been a storyteller, even in sales, but now I started to understand why engaging and connecting with people in conversation was not a problem for me. It was my ability to connect through the use of story. The great thing about being conscious of this ability to connect is that I now can use it on demand and I can teach it to others! That is what I am doing now in my conversations with AMSOIL Dealers. Helping them learn how to connect with their customers so they reach a level of trust much, much quicker. I have been able to construct the AMSOIL story so that it is concise, yet very compelling and I have taught it AMSOIL Dealers. All of this helps AMSOIL Dealers increase sales and grow their business. Having a story board to follow when building a story, which is what I learned from Story Seekers, has been very valuable and is another great tool for AMSOIL Dealers. The learned listening skills also acquired have been extremely valuable not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. In fact, the listening skills I have learned through the Story Seekers workshop are arguably the most valuable skills learned .

I have always been very proud of being in the sales profession. I think it is a very honorable profession and can’t think of a better career to have than to help others be better sales professionals, so they can help others with their products and services and reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Rob Stenberg
Director, Dealer Sales