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College Business Professor

The participants in our workshops shared with me an unexpected benefit of our StorySeekers™ training – breaking down the silo walls existing within their organizations.

This “silo-busting” capability came through one of the pre-workshop homework assignments where each participant must come to Story Seekers prepared to share a personal story about how an event or situation caused them to change or reframe their values.

In our first breakout exercise, each person shared his or her story within a small group. During this exercise, participants hear amazing about overcoming personal adversity, dysfunctional families and other pivotal events in their lives.

“What we discovered during the feedback session after the exercise is, when asked, people stated the stories shared helped them have a higher level of appreciation and empathy towards people they already know. They were better connected as humans!

“I’ve been amazed how people working together in the same company for many years have no clue about the problems or personal challenges others are experiencing until going through our training.

“How do you measure the value of this experience?

“I’m not sure. What is the value of human connection in a business organization?

“It is difficult to scrutinize to an ROI analysis.

“All we can suggest is that human connection is real and that you will feel and see a difference in your team’s performance.”

– John (college business professor)