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I wanted to give you some feedback as to how Storyseekers as benefited me and my business. As you know, I started my business from scratch with my business partner. The first year of our business was more challenging than I could have ever anticipated. Above and beyond the challenges of growing a business, starting with zero clients, my wife became pregnant 1 month after the start of the business and she lost her pharmaceutical sales job 1 month before her due date. To make matters worse, her employer took the company car and our health insurance. I hadn’t taken home a paycheck yet. You can only imagine how petrified and motivated I became towards the end of our first year in business.

What I thought was terrible luck and misfortune, turned out to be a blessing and amazing story to those with whom I came in contact. Prior to the Story Seekers Workshop, I had begun to leave the details of the challenges that we faced out of my presentations and stories. For a while I noticed that my conversions were going down and I felt less connected to my audience. After attending Story Seekers, I never left out the challenging details of that first year again. Those details create drama and help build connection and empathy with my audience. They make me more “human” and in some ways more trustworthy and admirable. We had the largest growth of our company last year and I feel a revival in the culture of our company. I enjoyed every minute of the workshop and I am a better person as a result.

PS, I am a much better husband and listener. Life is great at home! Thanks Mike!

Jonathan Gallagher
Coastal Payroll Services
San Diego, CA