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Mike Bosworth Leadership

Mike co-founded Story Leaders in 2008. In 2013 he founded Mike Bosworth Leadership in which he provides keynote speeches, workshops and executive coaching.
Story Seekers™ workshops help people learn how to use the power of story and connective listening to build trust with, and influence change in others.

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Michael Bosworth Leadership Core Beliefs

  • The way you sell can be a competitive advantage

  • Sales is H2H; human beings buy from human beings

  • Prospects are people, not targets

  • People make emotional decisions for rational reasons

  • Influence is a transfer of feelings

  • Trust is earned; not expected

  • Who you are is more important than what you do

  • Effective selling comes from authenticity and integrity, not technique

  • Facts inform, stories sell

  • No one ever listened their way out of a sale

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or non-profit associations.

Mike Bosworth speaking at TEDx Orcas Island.



Building Trust One Story at a Time

Despite all the time, money and effort spent on improving sales productivity, still today 13% of sellers book 87% of the business. The top 13% are not smarter nor do they work longer hours. The difference? They connect emotionally with their buyers. The presentation will include the power of story and the types of personal, customer and buyer stories necessary to facilitate the buying process.


Buyer – Seller Dynamics

Connection – Trust – Insight – Ability to Influence


Speeding Up Your Trust

If you are a person of character and are competent in what you do, eventually most people will grow to trust you. In sales, you don’t have that much time.


Barriers to Leadership

For many senior leaders, their authority and their expertise can inhibit their ability to influence their followers. How to avoid these pitfalls and maximize your ability to connect, inspire and influence.


Integrating Marketing With Sales

In many organizations Sales and Marketing efforts are disjointed, despite the common mission to achieve top line revenues. If results aren’t achieved, finger pointing begins. This presentation will give the audience a framework to make tactical marketing relevant to the sales and buying process.



Mike Bosworth Keynote Speech Excerpt

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Comcast Spotlight

Forrest Lawn

Harvard Business Review, Poland

B2B Bootcamp

SAS Institute

BAE Systems

Professional Organizations

American Marketing Association

NE Technology Marketing Summit

Selling Power Executive Summit

Software CEO

Apple Resellers

Transportation Marketing

New Zealand SW Association

Software Business

Software Success magazine

AIIM International

Boston Technology Marketing Summit

North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries

Chief Executive Network

Institute of Management Consultants


MIT Enterprise Forum

UCLA Anderson Alumni

Colleges & Universities

Cal Poly Pomona – Schools of Business & Engineering

San Diego State College of Business Administration

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Program on Market Strategy for Technology-Based Companies.

University of Akron.

UCSD Connect

SDSUAnderson School Of Management At UCLA

Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine

University of Connecticut

Rollins College

Indiana State University

University of Massachusetts

UCONN School of Business


Mike Bosworth Leadership Affiliates

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of professionals who continually train and practice Mike Bosworth’s Story Seekers methodology. We’re located across the US, in Europe, and in Asia; and are constantly training corporate sales teams how to build emotional connections with buyers. Feel free to reach out to us through email with any questions or interest in our workshops!


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Story Seekers™ Workshops


Coming up in 2017: a public workshop in Minnesota. Read more and register here!


Mike Bosworth and his business partners conduct Story Seekers™ workshops around the United States, Europe and Asia each year.  Workshops are interactive, practical, experiential, and feedback-oriented. Each one typically takes place over multiple days, and is broken into lecture, practice, coaching, and real-life case-study exercises. Participants discover how to connect with, influence and inspire change in others. The methodology is a research-based framework that harnesses the power of three underused and underdeveloped communication methods: storytelling, story “tending” and connective listening. If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop, please contact us.



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"If you've seen the recent "Lincoln" movie or read any biographies about him, you probably know that one of his legendary strengths was his ability to tell engaging stories that made it easier for him to persuade people to consider his beliefs and positions.

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I have been in sales for over 25 years. I have never had much of a problem engaging in conversation with people that I don't know, but it was attributed to my "gift of gab." This workshop really made me aware and confirmed some things that I had done as a salesperson. The great thing about the workshop is being conscious of this ability to connect — now I can use it on demand and teach it to others!

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You can build trust incredibly fast thanks to Mike's methodology. I will undoubtedly use the Story Seekers® tools in daily work situations, both to inspire and build committed teams.

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I would recommend the workshop to anyone. Adding the human dimension to an organization is an excellent idea to unlock team potential in hard times.

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"I believe that all professions benefit through storytelling. They are cornerstones of who we are, as our experiences are our stories. This was a wonderful experiential workshop."

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The workshop with Mike Bosworth showed me that the skill of telling stories is not "soft". I've always thought I was too weak, too delicate, and too open... and now I know that these are my strengths.

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"I'm a 23 year old recent college graduate, now in an entry level software sales position. I had met Mike through a mentor while in school, learned about his course, and signed up for one of his public workshops.

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This book is a masterpiece. Everything I know about storytelling, vulnerability and shame, brain research, etc. has been captured in a compelling narrative.

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Like most of our competitors, we were focused on features, benefits, technical specifications and pricing but we were not telling our stories. Starting with the basics, we're putting together a series of stories as case studies. Will it work? It already has. We're putting together and winning new quotes. It's simple, honest, compelling and effective.

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Mike Bosworth's workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I think we are going to use storytelling to build cutting-edge, effective marketing. We have lots of new ideas after the workshop.

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"I attended his seminar on Story Seekers last month and it has changed the way I do business!"

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During the workshop with Mike Bosworth, we managed to build open and honest relationships in a group of total strangers, which is extremely valuable and rare. I generated high levels of engagement and got something extremely practical.

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The participants in our workshops shared with me an unexpected benefit of our StorySeekers™ training – breaking down the silo walls existing within their organizations.

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Mike Bosworth's workshop was one of the best training seminars I've ever attended. During the workshop I could test and have a firsthand experience proving the effectiveness of the methodology.

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After this training, I truly listened/understood. The course addressed a lot of bad habits I had picked up over the years. The open-forum format was incredibly helpful because we shared many of the same problems.

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After attending Story Seekers, I never left out the challenging details of that first year again… They make me more “human” and in some ways more trustworthy and admirable. We had the largest growth of our company last year and I feel a revival in the culture of our company.

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I want to thank you and the workshop coaches for an amazing session last week. I went into it with an open mind, and as a result, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge – and confidence.

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Just a few days after the workshop, I conducted a couple of interviews where I used the Story Seekers® approach.

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Video Testimonials

Craig Hillegas, President of Hillegas Advisory Services From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in San Diego

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Andrew Bayer, Managing Shareholder at Inventus From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in San Diego

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Maria Redman, Sales Manager, Staples Advantage From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Seattle

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Victor Lim, of Victor Lim & Associates (authorized representative of AIA Singapore) From the 2014 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Singapore.

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Nigel Ng, Sales Director APJ RSA, the security division of EMC From the 2014 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Singapore.

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Carly Wennogle - Marketer, Kapost From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Seattle

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Testimonials from members of the worldwide SONUS team who participated in the 2014 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Singapore.

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Emilie Gincig represents an Orcas Island not-for-profit organization called The Funhouse Commons. She spoke at the annual fundraising gala for the Funhouse shortly after she attended the July 2015 public Story Seekers workshop in Seattle.

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Amy King, Head of Productivity and Strategic Programs RSA, the security division of EMC From the 2014 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Singapore.

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Mistye Arnold, Independent Consultant From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in Seattle

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Lauren Gillingham, Sonus Networks From the 2015 Story Seekers™ Workshop in San Diego

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Books// "If you encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Great Salespeople Do


What Great Salespeople Do was founded on the belief that there is a better way to help salespeople thrive. Through the years, only a small percentage of salespeople have been able to forge the connections that influence and inspire people to change. We once thought selling to be a problem-solving process based on the paradigm that decision-making is logical and rational. New science has significantly reshaped our understanding of how humans decide to change, how we decide to trust, how we allow ourselves to be influenced by others, how we take “leaps of faith” to try new things, and how we buy. We now have a greater understanding of how people are influenced by other people to change. We’ve drawn upon our own experiences and researched a wide range of disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, sociology and others, to create the Story Seekers framework. Through our workshops and executive coaching, we help people learn how to use the powers of story and empathic listening to connect with, inspire, and influence change in others.


Buy Here  

Solution Selling


The original Solution Selling process codified how I had intuitively sold new or potentially disruptive technology in 1974 as a young salesperson. The system was designed for other salespeople attempting to sell similarly disruptive technology, especially to senior executives via middle managers who, in many cases, were making the company’s first attempts to automate.

Solution Selling is particularly useful to sellers selling “expert to non-expert.” It changes the sales focus from the features of the product to situational use by the customer to solve previously unsolved problems. Ideal for selling disruptive technology to corporations.


Buy Here

Customer Centric Selling


Salespeople helping decision makers visualize how they can achieve goals and solve problems. CustomerCentric Systems (CCS) helps companies to reengineer their marketing messages, helping to make them more customer-centric. We also focus on the integration of tactical marketing with sales processes. CCS helps organizations identify, codify and institutionalize best practices.

CCS trained salespeople are equipped with “artificial” patience and intelligence. They are able to delay dispensing product information in favor of asking questions – helping them diagnose problems and, in turn, helping customers to visualize “approved” solutions more accurately. This enables salespeople to initiate and manage opportunities with actual decision-makers. Their sales managers are able to quantify the effects through an auditable sales process. The marketing department is taught to simplify the buying process with a customer-centric messaging model


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News// The latest from Mike Bosworth

Mike recently appeared on Noah Goldman's Enterprise Sales Podcast. You can listen here or on SoundCloud.

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On October 31, 2016, Mike appeared on Phil Bush's radio show "Sales Execution Optimization - the New SEO", to talk about the future of sales execution, and the power of story.

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Carly Wennogle of Kapost writes about 4 Storytelling Lessons for Marketers she learned at the 2015 Storyseekers™ workshop.

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Here's a short and great interview between Jaime Chambers and Mike Bosworth on why some people are persuasive and good at connection, and why others are not.

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If you missed Mike Bosworth on his recent CONNECT! radio show, here is a link to the archived show: CONNECT! Feat. Mike Bosworth

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